Change in Issue Publication Format

Apr 3, 2024


Dear Readers and Authors,

Following the change in Editorial Team/Management, Kinesik will be undergoing change in publication format for Volume 11 of 2024. The publication format will be changed from simultaneous release where all accepted submissions are published at once for each issue in the end of each issue's month (April, August and December) to sequential publish where accepted submissions are published one by one untill 10 article quota is fulfilled during each issue's month (April, August and December). In this format, each issue will be published in the 1st of each issue's month (e.g. 1st of April) while the accepted submission will be added one by one in sequence in accordance to the acceptance date. The accepted submission may be published while said submission article may be available online in later date.

This change of publication format is a trial for Volume 11 of 2024 and may be reverted in following volume. Any further changes will be posted in Announcement section.

If you have questions, critique or recommendation please contact us via email at or via Whatsapp +62 857 4214 9772.

Best regards,

Editorial Team,