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This research reveals that Mo Laluta in the myth of the Megalithic Site Powalia in the Bada Valley plays a significant role in preserving and disseminating the cultural values of the Bada Valley community living alongside the megalithic sites. Mo Laluta, as an integral part of oral culture, serves not only as a means of communication but also as a platform for conveying philosophical, historical, and moral messages from one generation to the next. Through the ethnographic semiotic approach, the analysis of symbolism in these myths demonstrates the complexity of identity construction, social structure, and understanding of social reality in the Bada Valley community. Mo Laluta is not merely a storytelling medium but also an expression of efforts to maintain and strengthen social bonds and cultural identity amidst globalization. This research provides insights into the dynamics of culture and the sustainability of cultural heritage in the Bada Valley, while also delving into the depth of symbolism and meaning within the Powalia Megalithic Site myth.


Mo Laluta: Tutur Culture: Megalith Sites: Myths

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Marfi Rahmat, Ikhtiar Hatta, Siti Hajar N. Aepu, & Hapsa. (2024). MO LALUTA: STUDI ETNOGRAFI SEMIOTIK PADA SITUS MEGALIT DI LEMBAH BADA. Cultural Diversity: Jurnal Sosial Dan Budaya , 1(1), 23-29. Retrieved from