Journal Description

ANTRO: Antropologi Tadulako Research Journal is a scientific publication published every January-June and July-December. Articles published are the result of selection with a double-blind review system. ANTRO: Antropologi Tadulako Research Journal only accepts relevant research manuscripts with research results dedicated to the exploration and analysis of contemporary cultures and traditions from diverse historical, cultural, and social contexts. The journal provides a platform for interdisciplinary research and critical discourse on the significance, evolution, and meaning of rituals and traditions in the modern world.

ANTRO: Antropologi Tadulako Research Journal welcomes contributions from academics, researchers, and practitioners working in various fields such as anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, folklore, and performance studies. The journal publishes original research articles, theoretical discussions, comparative analyses, and case studies that highlight various aspects of contemporary rituals and traditions, including their cultural, social, psychological, and symbolic dimensions. In addition, ANTRO: Antropologi Tadulako Research Journal also processes previously unpublished manuscripts.