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Journal of Public Administration and Government (JPAG) is registered with number ISSN 2685-1032 (Online), ISSN 2684-8406 (Print) is a scientific journal published by the University of Tadulako, Palu. Faculty of  Social Sciences and political sciences, Public Administration study program, in collaboration with the network of Indonesian Association for Public Administration (IAPA).

The journal is published two times a year in April and October. The purpose of this publication is to disseminate ideas and research results in the fields of public administration and governance. JPAG aims to publish conceptual articles, reviews, and research in the fields of public administration and governance, particularly focusing on the main problems in the development of the science of public administration and governance studies. Includes the development of Government policy, public administration, public management, the study of the autonomous region, the local government and bureaucracy, policy analysis, public service, political decentralization, fiscal, public economics and politics as well as regional planning and studies other social sciences. 

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Journal of Public Administration and Government has been indexed on:

Vol. 4 No. 1 (2022)

Published: Apr 29, 2022

Person-Organization Fit and Organizational Engagement in The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, Port Harcourt

1-10 Ugo Chuks Okolie
Read Statistic: 37

In Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi Province, A Strategy for Increasing Community Income Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

11-19 Mustainah Mustainah, Syufri, Andi Mascunra Amir, Sudirman
Read Statistic: 71

The Dynamic of Livelihood Recovery Program in Post Disaster Area: Challenges and Obstacles

20-28 Fiki Ferianto, Ilyas Lampe
Read Statistic: 55

Ethics of Population Administration Services (Case Study at the Department of Population and Civil Registration of Pekanbaru City)

29-34 Suci Angraini Suci, Indah Adi Putri, Roni Ekha Putera
Read Statistic: 25

The Impact of the Social Restrictions Policy on Silent Behavior in South Sulawesi Community Houses

35-44 Muh. Mustakim Hasma, Muh. Harun Achmad, Samsu Arif
Read Statistic: 30

Community Resilience Post-Pilkada Conflict to Supporting Social Sustainability in The Jakarta Area

45-50 Lusi Andriyani, Raja Faid El Shidqi, Luthfiyani Nurul Jannah, Mawar
Read Statistic: 94

Women's Protection Program Implementation in Donggala Regency

51-56 Nuraisyah Ambo
Read Statistic: 17

Public Information Services for The Harapan Family Program, Simoro Village, Gumbasa District, Sigi Regency

57-61 Ade Irma
Read Statistic: 19

Regional Development Strategy Based on Superior Commodities, Masalle District, Enrekang Regency

62-74 Nur Fitri Ramadhani, Budimawan, Danial Useng, Muslim Salam, Arifuddin Akil, Ria Wikantari
Read Statistic: 30

Policies for the Implementation of Teaching and Learning Activities in the Context of Handling the Pandemic Covid-19 in Padang Panjang City During the Phase I Implementation of Restrictions on Micro-Based Community Activities (July 2021)

75-80 Rico Candra, Roni Ekha Putera, Ria Ariany
Read Statistic: 25

Implementation of The Wamanggu Market Retribution Management Policy as Regional Income in Merauke Regency

81-90 Paul Adryani Moento, Albertus Yoseph Maturan, David Laiyan, Erwin Nugraha Purnama
Read Statistic: 18

The Relationship Between Elements of Gender Injustice and Divorce in Makassar City's Religious Courts (Data from 2017 To September 2021)

91-103 Arfan M, Mansur Radjab, Mardiana E Fachri
Read Statistic: 25

Implementation of a Performance Evaluation Policy for Regional Police Metro Jaya Employees Using an Online Performance Management System

104-116 Frihamdeni Frihamdeni, I Made Suwandi
Read Statistic: 43
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