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Journal of Public Administration and Government (JPAG) is registered with number ISSN 2685-1032 (Online), ISSN 2684-8406 (Print) is a scientific journal published by the University of Tadulako, Palu. Faculty of  Social Sciences and political sciences, Public Administration study program, in collaboration with the network of Indonesian Association for Public Administration (IAPA).

The journal is published two times a year in April and October. The purpose of this publication is to disseminate ideas and research results in the fields of public administration and governance. JPAG aims to publish conceptual articles, reviews, and research in the fields of public administration and governance, particularly focusing on the main problems in the development of the science of public administration and governance studies. Includes the development of Government policy, public administration, public management, the study of the autonomous region, the local government and bureaucracy, policy analysis, public service, political decentralization, fiscal, public economics and politics as well as regional planning and studies other social sciences. 

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Journal of Public Administration and Government has been indexed on:

Vol. 5 No. 3 (2023)

Published: Dec 29, 2023

Post Disaster Stimulant Fund Distribution Management In Mamboro Village, Palu City

298-304 Nurhayati Hamid, Arlitha Puspita Sari
Read Statistic: 95

Governance and Value-Added Tax Question in Nigeria: The Way Forward

305-313 Adeleke Adegbami, Oluwasesan Akanni Nofiu
Read Statistic: 64

Evaluation of The Tangerang Smart Program at State Junior High School 17 Tangerang in 2022

314-324 Neneng Sri Rahayu, Aini Timur, Marlinda Erfanti, Reza Pirgianta
Read Statistic: 72

Empowerment of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in South Sulawesi through Participatory Economic Transformation (Case Study: Makassar City)

325-338 Hasanuddin Remmang, Hernita, Sitti Mujahida Baharuddin, Askari Hasanuddin, Arnas Hasanuddin
Read Statistic: 74

Implementation of Asset Management Policy for the Parliament Office Area in Donggala Regency

339-343 Imam Hanafi, Ade Irma
Read Statistic: 61

Development of Traditional Market Organizational Design Model in Bandung Regency

344-363 Thomas Bustomi, Dafa Ramadhan, Resta Berlian, Iis Hernawati
Read Statistic: 87

Analysis of Land Availability For The Pasangkayu District Transmigration Program

364-373 Gunawan, Ahmad Munir, Andang Surya Soma
Read Statistic: 33

Community Participation Analysis in Preparation of Regional Development Work Plans in Pasangkayu Regency

374-382 Syahril, Hazairin Zubair, Lukman Irwan
Read Statistic: 43

Influencer Marketing on TikTok: A Literature Review Analysis

383-391 Isma Azis Riu, Irsan Radjab
Read Statistic: 438

The The Effectiveness of Public Services by the Indonesian National Police in Enhancing the Security of Vital Objects in Manado City

Yosua Eurico Warenstein Carlos, Burhan Niode, Welly Waworundeng
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