Every article that will be published is checked on a similarity level with a policy of no more than 20% of its similiarity. Plagiarism check with turnitin.

The editorial board of Culture Diversity: Jurnal Sosial dan Budaya Affairs recognizes that plagiarism is unacceptable acceptable, and therefore, we establish the following policy stating certain actions (sanctions) that will be taken when identifying plagiarism/similarities in articles submitted for publication in Culture Diversity: Jurnal Sosial dan Budaya. We will use Turnitin originality checking software as a tool to detect similarities in the the article manuscript and the final version of the article ready for publication. The maximum similarity allowed allowed for a submitted article is 20%. If we find more than 20% similarity index, the article will be returned to the author for correction and resubmission.

Plagiarism Level:
➢ Minor: A small part of another article is copied without taking significant data or ideas from the other article
➢ Action: The author is given a warning and asked to change the text and cite the the original article correctly.
➢ Intermediate: Most of the article was copied without properly citing the original article.

➢ Action: The submitted article will be rejected, and the author is prohibited from submitting articles for one year.

➢ Severe: A significant portion of the article is copied involving reproduction of original results or ideas that were presented in other publications.

➢ Action: The article will be rejected, and the author banned from submitting articles for five

We understand that all authors are responsible for the content of the articles they submit as they have read and understood the Copyright Notice submit as they have read and understood the Copyright Notice. If sanctions
are imposed for plagiarism, all authors will be subject to the same sanctions.