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Hasan Bahasyuan Institute (HBI) is a cultural and artistic creation study institution with the primary aim of preserving, protecting, and advocating for the works created by maestro Hasan Muhammad Bahasyuan. This research employs a qualitative descriptive method to understand the organizational structure of HBI, identify the ethnicities represented in Hasan M. Bahasyuan's works, and explore the role of kinship within HBI. Data were collected through written and unwritten interview techniques as well as documentation. HBI has structures, regulations, and programs in place to protect and preserve the works of Hasan M. Bahasyuan as well as the cultures they represent. HBI also provides facilities for individuals interested in artistic activities. This research aims to introduce and preserve the works of Hasan M. Bahasyuan, as well as introduce the cultures and traditions depicted in these works to a new generation. Ethical considerations and permission from the rightful heirs, who are the official copyright holders or legal representatives appointed by HBI, are required for the use of Hasan M. Bahasyuan's works.


Social Organization Kinship Ethnicity Hasan Bahasyuan Institute

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