Published: Apr 29, 2022

Person-Organization Fit and Organizational Engagement in The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, Port Harcourt

1-10 Ugo Chuks Okolie
Read Statistic: 57

In Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi Province, A Strategy for Increasing Community Income Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

11-19 Mustainah Mustainah, Syufri, Andi Mascunra Amir, Sudirman
Read Statistic: 101

The Dynamic of Livelihood Recovery Program in Post Disaster Area: Challenges and Obstacles

20-28 Fiki Ferianto, Ilyas Lampe
Read Statistic: 81

Ethics of Population Administration Services (Case Study at the Department of Population and Civil Registration of Pekanbaru City)

29-34 Suci Angraini Suci, Indah Adi Putri, Roni Ekha Putera
Read Statistic: 50

The Impact of the Social Restrictions Policy on Silent Behavior in South Sulawesi Community Houses

35-44 Muh. Mustakim Hasma, Muh. Harun Achmad, Samsu Arif
Read Statistic: 47

Community Resilience Post-Pilkada Conflict to Supporting Social Sustainability in The Jakarta Area

45-50 Lusi Andriyani, Raja Faid El Shidqi, Luthfiyani Nurul Jannah, Mawar
Read Statistic: 107

Women's Protection Program Implementation in Donggala Regency

51-56 Nuraisyah Ambo
Read Statistic: 24

Public Information Services for The Harapan Family Program, Simoro Village, Gumbasa District, Sigi Regency

57-61 Ade Irma
Read Statistic: 33

Regional Development Strategy Based on Superior Commodities, Masalle District, Enrekang Regency

62-74 Nur Fitri Ramadhani, Budimawan, Danial Useng, Muslim Salam, Arifuddin Akil, Ria Wikantari
Read Statistic: 34

Policies for the Implementation of Teaching and Learning Activities in the Context of Handling the Pandemic Covid-19 in Padang Panjang City During the Phase I Implementation of Restrictions on Micro-Based Community Activities (July 2021)

75-80 Rico Candra, Roni Ekha Putera, Ria Ariany
Read Statistic: 31

Implementation of The Wamanggu Market Retribution Management Policy as Regional Income in Merauke Regency

81-90 Paul Adryani Moento, Albertus Yoseph Maturan, David Laiyan, Erwin Nugraha Purnama
Read Statistic: 29

The Relationship Between Elements of Gender Injustice and Divorce in Makassar City's Religious Courts (Data from 2017 To September 2021)

91-103 Arfan M, Mansur Radjab, Mardiana E Fachri
Read Statistic: 55

Implementation of a Performance Evaluation Policy for Regional Police Metro Jaya Employees Using an Online Performance Management System

104-116 Frihamdeni Frihamdeni, I Made Suwandi
Read Statistic: 82